Computer Repair Pricing

At All Geek our goal is to provide great service at a reasonable price. After some research, we have come to the conclusion that the thing that worries most people when it comes the cost of repairing a computer is understanding how much repair costs can fluctuate when billed on an hourly basis. So we made the decision to sell our services at a FLAT RATE for labor when we work on your system in our office. This doesn’t mean you will completely avoid additional costs. Depending on the issue, you may have the costs of hardware or software to contend with, but you don’t need a several hundred dollar invoice to go with it, so we cut that out of the equation. Regardless of the service, you will pay one price for that repair instance, regardless. If we cannot fix the issue or refer you to a replacement, we will charge you only a $40 diagnostic fee for hardware issues or no cost for a software issue. We hope you see the fairness in our approach.

We also believe in helping our Seniors and Vets. Many live on a fixed income, so we provide them service at a smaller rate than most. We count on our customers seeing the value in this plan as they get older.

So here are the pricing plans!